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Bag Care

Posted by Ali Woods on


All of our fabrics are hand woven and durable yet delicate at the same time. Should you have a spot that needs cleaning use a mild soap on a clean cotton rag and spot treat with gentle strokes as to not upset the fibers.  


Our bags are crafted by hand using full-grain leather, which refers to the strongest and most durable part of the hide. Our leather has not been sanded or buffed therefore it shows all the unique and natural characteristics, no two pieces are alike. As you use your bag the leather will continue to soften as it absorbs natural oils from your skin. This is a characteristic of using full grain leather which adds to its uniqueness.  

Proper cleaning and conditioning of your bag is recommended to protect and preserve it's quality. For that we recommend two products from the company Leather Honey; Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner. They can be purchased from any major retailer. 


It's important to make sure that your bag is entirely dry before applying products to it. Always use a clean cotton rag and apply a small amount of product to a test spot first. Rub in a circular motion and allow to naturally dry completely. If there is no excess color rub off or discoloration continue with the entire bag ensuring that you don't oversaturate the leather with cleaner. This cleaner does not contain drying agents that take away moisture from the leather. Once your bag is completely dry you can move on to step two and condition the leather.


Again using a clean cotton cloth apply a small amount of Leather Conditioner to the leather surface of the bag. Make sure to let it soak in and dry overnight for best results. Leather Conditioner penetrates deep into the pores and hydrates the fibers. This will give your bag a lasting glow. 

We recommend repeating this process 2-3 times per year but if your leather is feeling dried out or dull it may be time to refresh. 


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